Valor Beanie

Made with a Twist


Not long ago, I tried making a beanie for my husband. The problem was, his head is is my son's, so are my son's friend's. I had a problem - all of the patterns I had fit an average size head. So, I got to playing around and finally came up with THE PERFECT BEANIE.

Not only does this hat fit an XL men's head, but it covers the ears without bulking up at the base of the neck. Instead of bunching, the ear coverings are lightly contoured to create a warm and effecting hat without the problems created by using other patterns!

Additionally, to ensure that the ear flaps are positioned correctly, the hat has a convenient 'tag' in the back to mark the center. Simply grab the tag and slip the hat over your head. So easy!

There you have it, THE PERFECT BEANIE!!

Since I made this, I've given them to all the men in my world and they get compliments and questions everywhere they go! So, I just had to make one for myself!

Please see last photo for color options and leave your preference in the "notes to seller" section of your order. Thank you so much!

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